Not Every Man of Wealth is Happy Being A Sugar Daddy

Men who become sugar daddies do so for different reasons. While the majority of men are looking for a no strings attached relationship and are willing to pay for it, other men may be looking for someone to date, with who they can form an emotional relationship. These men usually do find being a Sugar Daddy compatible with their goals. The fact is there may be many wealthy men whose work requires them to invest long hours into their career or requires a great deal of travel making it difficult to meet someone and maintain a relationship so they join a Sugar Daddy site hoping to jump start a relationship thinking that providing financial support will make a woman more willing to wait for their return.

Mutual Honesty May Not Happen
Most Sugar Daddy dating sites tout the fact that their site is somewhere where everyone is free to be honest about what they want in a relationship. While members may be free to be honest, many of the members are not as honest as they claim. Starting a relationship with sugar baby that is based on paying them money or giving them gifts in exchange for a date is not a good way to determine if a woman truly enjoys your company. Even if you directly ask them if they would still be with you if you weren't giving them money or expensive gifts, they may say yes, but if you skip a payment, your likely to discover that without the money, the interest disappears.

Even if the man is not looking to eventually marry, if he wants a relationship where true affection is part of the package he is unlikely to get it from a woman who is only with him for financial reasons.

Feelings of Being Used
A man whose feelings are involved in a sugar daddy relationship and has been upfront from the start that this is the type of relationship he is seeking is going to end up feeling used when he discovers the young woman he is with won't even have dinner with him without receiving some type of payment. In addition, if he is introducing this woman to his friends and family members and she doesn't want him to meet anyone she associates with he begins to feel as though he and their entire relationship is an embarrassment to the young woman. Chances are he will soon end the relationship and decide that sugar daddy dating sites are not for him.

While it may not be easy for an older man who is looking to date a younger woman and have a real relationship may have to try other means of meeting such as woman. Regular dating sites, and introductions done by friends may result in meeting less woman, but the results may be more satisfying in the long run as any interest on the woman's part is more likely to be about you and less likely to be about your money.