6 Safe Topics to Discuss With A Sugar Daddy

So, your patience paid off and here you are on a date with your dream sugar daddy. Congratulations, girl! Now, what next? You start wracking your brain for the things to say and the topics to avoid. Relax, I have been there. Some of us, generally, have issues talking with older men. Others may not have such issue, but they are scared of freaking potential sugar daddies out with the wrong topics.

If you belong to any of these groups then, you are in luck as we have put together 6 safe topics to discuss with a sugar daddy.

His Field of Work

His career is a good place to start. Chances are, more often than not, he has successfully built a reputation in his field. These men usually devote a greater part of their life on their job and travelling. So, he will have a lot to say and you can learn a thing or two. Just don’t make it sound like you are prying. That is a big turn off.

Where He Came From

It is a widely known fact that men love to talk about themselves. In fact, everyone – both women and men alike – love to be heard. In this case, you should take a back seat in the conversation and let him talk. This doesn’t only show that you care about what he has to say, it also get him looking forward to your next meeting. Make it interesting!

The Things He Likes Doing

Learning about his hobbies is another good way to steer the conversation. Also, you get to learn about the things you can do to make him happy. Remember your primary role as a sugar baby is to keep the juice flowing. Sugar daddies do not have time for relationship norms. So, save your expectations for your boyfriend. Take the time to learn as much you can about him.

Anything New?

Running out ideas? Try talking about current events. You could narrow it down to sports, politics or fashion. Whatever rocks his boat will do just fine.

His Favorites

Another avenue to learn about him is talking about his favorites. Favorite sport, club, food, restaurant, entertainment, country, etc. Each activity can also be a topic of its own. You could ask, for example, why he chose those as his favorites and other questions of such nature. Just don’t make it interrogative.

Talk About You

Of course, he wants to know about you too. He could get tired talking or the conversation may get interrogative, try spicing up the conversation by talking about yourself. Let him know of your career choice, favorite sport, background, favorite countries, political view, hobbies, entertainment, and the likes. Anything to give him an insight into your world. Be sure to keep it simple and short. Don’t spend the entire time talking about yourself. Use the 20/80 rule. Let him do the talking.